Scherry Bloul

Scherry Bloul is a CAAR delegate on the 2015 AMEJE study tour to the UAE and Qatar.

Scherry’s passion for global politics and cross-cultural communication stems from her culturally diverse background and life-long drive to travel. She was born in Sydney and raised in Canberra, and is fluent in three languages.

Initially wanting to be a war photographer, Scherry developed an interest in journalism as a means by which to explore and communicate complex issues. To this end, she commenced a Bachelor of Communications in Journalism and Bachelor of Arts double degree at the University of Canberra in 2013. Scherry hopes to put the skills she’s developed to good use as a foreign correspondent in Africa and the Middle East.

Scherry believes that in our contemporary world the need for informed journalism is greater than ever before, as is the need for improved international coverage in Australia.

Scherry Bloul The Middle East is ever-present in the news; and in the West, rarely in a positive way. Conversely, the Western world is often viewed with suspicion in the Arab world. It is therefore especially important to be able to attempt to bridge the cultural divide between these two regions. Programs like this journalism exchange with the Middle East are vital in understanding differing points of view and improving cross-cultural understanding.

Not only am I honoured to be representing Australia, the University of Canberra, CAAR and AMEJE in the Middle East, but I’m also excited to experience a new culture. In our journalistic work while on tour I look forward to meeting journalists, local residents and other students. I’m hopeful that the study tour will give me the tools necessary to start developing a greater understanding of the Middle East and the ways of communicating across cultures.

I believe this program is an excellent way to advance the idea of cross-cultural journalism here and across the globe, and I am excited to be part of this unique experience for journalism students.

The tour is supported by the Australian Commonwealth through the Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) flagship programs. AMEJE is extremely grateful for this support.

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